Upgrading a UML Sequence Diagram analyzer program

OData support
Dr. Micskei Zoltán Imre
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays software maintenance is getting rapidly important beside the development in an applications life-cycle. Its main task is to improve the software and to correct the discovered errors. The software’s improvement can be also part of the maintenance, where restructuring and re-engineering doesn’t affect the main structure of the software and functionality. It only affects the software’s inner modules. During my thesis project I learnt this technique in practice by maintaining and improving a previously developed application.

In the first chapter of my thesis I present the main necessity of software maintenance and a concrete technique that helps to improve the application. I will present the specific task and the main goals in details. In the second chapter I review all of those background knowledges and technologies, which were necessary to complete the task. I introduce the UML 2 sequences diagrams, the Eclipse specific UML2 class library and a language named TERMOS, which is used to process sequence diagrams. Besides, I give an overview of the earlier developed application. In the third chapter I present the structure of the application. I design the new structure, the new test framework, and a new test model for the framework. In the fourth chapter I list the implementations of the previously formulated tasks, and I present the most important and most interesting implementation solutions. In chapter five I present the test cases made for testing the application, then I evaluate the executed tests and summarize the experiences of the testing.

I accomplished all the tasks of the thesis by modifying the application in a way, that it fits to the actual standard and class libraries, moreover, its inner structure is more transparent and expandable. With the help of the implemented test framework I made the application automatically testable, and identified several new faults in the application.


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