Spectrum Analyzer in UHF Band

OData support
Dr. Elek Kálmán Ferenc
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The subject of the thesis is a way to create a panorama receiver software with a USRP device in a Linux environment. USRP is a universal software radio tool manufactured by Ettus Research.

The topic is a broadband spectrum analyzer realized with hardware designed for general use. The real-time signal received by the antenna is digitalized on the USRP, then the digitalized signal is transmitted to the PC via USB 3.0 connection. The additional computing tasks and the visualization are processed on a laptop, so the scope of use is determined only by the PC's computing capacity.

The program is suitable for displaying and calculating a radio frequency spectrum across a wide band based on parameters entered in the user interface. The broadband spectrum image is created by changing the carrier frequencies and then merging the data. The software recognizes known signals (such as GSM downlink band) based on the characteristic of the spectrum snippet and lists the spectral components that were present at a given time.

After displaying the broadband spectrum, it’s easy to determine the frequency ranges which are useful in the signal and which contain only noise.

I started working the topic last semester during Project laboratory and continued it as my thesis.


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