Remote constrol system simulating a USB HID keyboard

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Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My diploma thesis is about a microcontroller based system created and

developed during my studies, which interprets the series of INFRA signs received from

a television remote controller to a personal computer as different keyboard

combinations. The crated hardware communicates with the PC using USB connection

as a Human Interface Device keyboard.

At the beginning of the hardware planning I thought through all the perfect and

most optimized realizations of the device considering all expectations. At the same

time, the realized hardware contains additional buttons, LED-s, and UART

communication interface, which is a useful advantage while testing the device and

developing the software.

During the building of the software I studied the incoming INFRA signs

received by the microcontroller. According to this information I optimized the sampling

and unequivocal recognizing of the series of INFRA signs caused by the different

buttons of the remote controller, and realized the optimal storing and matching of the

INFRA signs with the keyboard presses.

As a last part of the software developing I adjusted the USB communication

between the remote controlled PC and the hardware, which is recognized by the PC as

HID keyboard.

All in all I have reached all my goals because both the software and electric

circuits are working as desired.


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