USB-Meterbus master interface design

OData support
Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology


The M-Bus bus system for and remote reading of meters was developed by Professor Dr. Horst Ziegler and Texas Instruments Gmbh. in 1992. Typical applications: flowmeters, heat meters, measurement of gas consumption, etc. Because it has a robust, cost-effective design and it’s easy to use, nowadays it is widely used.

My task is to develop a M-Bus master device, which can handle three slave units and it’s connected to a personal computer via USB .

The first chapter introduces the M-Bus protocol. It describes in detail the physical, data-link, and the application layer. At the end of the chapter it shows how to use the protocol through an example.

In the second chapter the M-Bus master’s system plan will be presented, as well as the functions of the units in the system plan also will be explained.

The third chapter covers the finished circuits based on the system plan and their design parameters. The main circuit diagrams are also presented in this chapter.

The fourth chapter shows measurements related to the completed circuit’s revive and test.

The fifth chapter introduces the M-Bus master’s operating program.

The sixth chapter describes function, development and usage of the PC user interface.

In the seventh chapter the complete hardware and software co-operation will be presented with a slave unit.

The eighth chapter contains a measuring guide which helps the students to perform their task at the laboratory practice about M-Bus.


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