TV remote control behaving as USB keyboard

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Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My bachelor thesis is about developing a device, that enables remote controlling my computer. After thinking about some possibilities I’ve decided to solve this problem with a normal remote control which I am already using for other purposes like controlling television.

The device acts as a USB keyboard, receives the infrared signals from the remote control and transforms them into hot keys for the computer. It has multiple modes and you can switch between them with special buttons. After pressing the same buttons in several modes the resulted effect is different. For example there’s a mode for controlling VLC media player and after activating this all buttons are programmed to be able to manage this program. It can also work in combined mode such as playing a presentation in full screen mode and controlling background music at the same time without switching between modes. There’s possibility to check the assigned hotkey, effect over RS-232 after hitting a button on the remote control.

At the beginning of my task I studied the RS-232 and USB communication forms and specifications especially of the USB-HID device class. I chose a microcontroller with integrated USB transceiver which I examined carefully and after that I roughly planned the principle of operation for my device.

Secondly I planned the logic of the hardware and designed and let the layout of the printed circuit board produced after choosing the suitable components. I built the hardware in the laboratories of my university.

Finally, I programmed the required software in C for the microcontroller and tested it succesfully.

Altogether I designed a device performing the specified task which is ready to use under almost all operating systems without installation. I’m glad that I’ve achieved my goal and created an applicable and spectacular device.


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