Design of a USB charger for a solar powered energy provider equipment

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Dr. Dülk Ivor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The main project is to create a USB charger powered from a solar powered equipment this USB charger will be powered from a 12V battery source and the USB charger is a USB board where we will connect 6 USB Output-port capable of giving a load of 5v voltage and up to 1.5 A of current for each output port.

Also the USB port should exchange data with rechargeable devise, in addition to that our USB board will be powered thru a a DC to DC converter that we will should be designed it and print in on PCB board with these specification:

- input voltage 0 ÷ 24 V

- output voltage 5 V (USB specs. for ripple etc.)

- 6 output channels, 4 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0

- rated output current per channel as USB spec.

- over current protection per channel

- high efficiency > 90 %

- cooling by natural convection

- cost efficiency.

the work of this project will be divided on 2 semester the first semester thesis work 1 : we will focus on literature review on every topic in our project the solar power, supply the SMPS, the converters dc to dc and ac to ac converters, and power switches inductor and capacitor and we will learn the LTSPICE simulation software and learn to simulate some power converter and lear how they interact when load change and when we apply different changes.


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