PCI verification using UVM

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In the world today, by creating a product it is also important for a company, that the made product should be properly tested, in other words verified. The FPGAs provide effective and fast development, since the necessary corrections depending on the test results can be easily made on these devices. Importance of the verification processes is shown, as in the last years there are more and more who use OVM and UVM methodologies, created for this purpose. These high level, object orientated methodologies are mainly used on SystemVerilog base.

During the making of this thesis I should test a common PCI interface on UVM base, in view of the usage of the methodology. I created the necessary PCI agent and the further necessary components of the UVM test environment, and then I performed testing on a PCI core produced by Xilinx. After creating the environment and test sequences, I analysed the test results. Using the UVM standard it could be told, that despite of the long of the studying phase, after acquiring the necessary information the methodology can be applied easily


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