Automation and simulation of soft drink manufacturing technology using TIA Portal and S7-1500 PLC

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Dr. Tevesz Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During the preparation of my thesis I acquired essential knowledge on deploying and programing one of the world's leading PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) manufacturers’ (Siemens’) latest industrial automation systems, namely the S7-1500 controller family, the corresponding development environment (TIA Portal), and the basics of beverage production technology.

I was asked to develop software suitable for demonstration purposes, including the design, implementation, and testing of the program. An additional program was required for the means of simulation of the industrial beverage production technology. The program running on the PLC is to be controlled by an operator, thus it was necessary to create visualization screens in order to provide the operator easy access to the specified process values.

The control program is able to control the simulated model which contains abstractions. In order to deploy the software in an industrial environment the specification of the particular devices, sensors and actuators thus further development of the program would be required.

The presentation of the development environment, the devices and modules used in my project, and the brief description of the PLC programming languages is followed by the detailed discussion of the problem, each section split into three parts according to the main functional units (managing supply, processing and storage). Considerations regarding general and specific cases at program design, the implemented organization blocks and function blocks, and the presentation of the user program, as well as its evaluation and further developmental possibilities are discussed.


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