Management of a holiday camp with KNX system

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Novák Balázs
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The assignment was to design a holiday camp. First of all I demonstrate the occurrent demands, and the possible solutions. After that I wrote a summary about the origine, ad the developement of the KNX, also presenting it’s advantages. In additon I give a description about the general energetic relations. Afterward I introduce some typically used instruments that I will apply later. In this part I write about theese instuments in general, furthermore I recommend a particular product for the implementation. I give a brief conclusion about the organization of the lighting inside as well as outside the houses. Moreover I also produce some finished project. In this part I explicate the opportunities of the heating, and the air-conditioning as well. Besides this I give information about multifarious opportunites of the construction. The last part is about the designing process, for this reason this is the most important description. I demonstarte the designed system and explain the solutions. Due to the type of the exercise there are also many plans in the essay, which can be found in the attachment:

-The drawing of the location: this is actually the fundament of the designing

-Plans made with Dialux: these are about the lighting conditions

-The plan of the KXN rail’s location: in which some important instument and signs are presented

-The detailed design of the particular buildings.

-The delineation

-The blueprints for switch-boxes.


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