Customer satisfaction review portal

OData support
Vajk Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

RateMe is a mobil-optimized webapp that enables customers to give feedback on business services. Such a webapp might be useful at restaurants, coffee shops, customer services, even call-centers. RateMe not just enables customers to rate on an ad-hoc basis, but also helps companies reach out to (potential) customers and ask for their feedback by allowing companies to log each interaction between their customers and employees. Each log of interaction would then trigger an e-mail asking the customer for feedback on the service. Also, aggregated and individual ratings can be viewed by management on an admin page.

The website follows responsive design principles, thus each page is optimized for iPhone and Android and also for desktop use.

On the technical side: the backend uses the MySQL database management system and the PHP based Symfony2 framework and jQuery and webkit on the frontend.

The development process will also extensively focus on testing. The making of the software will involve performance, unit and functional tests.


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