Implementing a Waiting Room Solution Software

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The inspiration for the basic idea was based on my own experience. My main motivation was to find a solution for the several hours long waiting time spent at different public institutions that I could have spent more useful other than just standing in the lobby.

Then an idea came to my mind to create a queue manager website that can provide sufficient information to the users about the length of the queue. Therefor the users are not forced to spend their time ate the waiting room of the service provider so they are free to decide how they would like to use the remaining time until they are called.

On the other hand business clients will get a tool for organizing their service types and manage their customers with the ability to analyze statistical information. Most importantly they will be able to develop the customer satisfaction.

The backend server side that will be communicating with the database will be written with JAVA programming language. The database and the database manager will be ObjectDB that is providing a JPA interface. User Interface will be written in HTML with Thymeleaf scheme generator extension.

The thesis will introduce these technologies, the concurrent products, the steps of the planning and implementation and it will end with an evaluation.


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