Supporting customer relationship management with an iOS application

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I created an iOS application which I designed based on my detailed and precise research.

My workflow started with market research that was focused on the relevant usage rate of iOS operating system. I studied the purpose of smartphone usage in the industrial sector so I started my research on CRM systems that has mobile application clients. The results of this study is a competent and useful mobile application.

First, I defined the process I wanted to support and summarized the problems that came up during the planning state.

During the functional design I created the skeleton of the application. After defining functions, I was able to detect the entities and relations between them, so I could design the database of the application. Using these defined functions I was managed to define use-cases and create UML diagrams. I teared down the processes using UML sequent-diagrams.

I implemented the screens of the application using Swift. The database of the client was created and managed by using Core Data framework. I used Apple’s Foundation and UIKit libraries and enumerated them in my thesis.

Development of the backend system was done by using Google’s GO language. I extended the functionality of the API.

I tested the application in numerous ways. The results of the testing process is also included in my thesis.


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