Customer Population Management in Enterprise Test Automation

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Population is a base of billing systems in telecommunication enterprises. In live systems populations are defined by economical partners and real persons.

During telecommunication testing populations are always required at some level. In this case populations are based on virtual entities, not live ones.

Different tests require different type of entities.

Automation can be really effective in case of cost- and time-consuming tasks, such as regression testing and population generation. Automated processes can be completed faster, with better quality. Generally, the need of automation in enterprises directly or indirectly appears.

The main topic of this document is automated customer population management with HP Quick Test Professional software. Population management is needed to test the billing system of Vodafone Hungary.

The document presents the following topics: testing, automation, the AwA concept, the billing system of Vodafone Hungary, the HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) software. It explores the Customer Management (CM) and Resource Management (RM) modules of Vodafone. It presents the technologies that interact with these modules.

After the theoretical foundation, the architecture and the interfaces of the automated solution is laid down by means of refactoring, design, development, testing and code reuse. Debugging of not working functions, QTP actions was also required.

An automation module needs to be implemented using an iterative process, which can handle the structure to be processed deeper and deeper in each iteration with various technologies.

During the implementation several functions, QTP actions were written. An interactive GUI robot was implemented with the QTP software and the HP automation framework. A half automated solution (it is using hidden Java APIs) was automated with parameterized KornShell scripts. The interfaces of these technologies were standardized. A united solution was created, which is linking different technologies together.


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