ERP system development for URH radio rental management

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays a successful business cannot be imagined without the supporting IT infrastructure. These systems make the handling and administration of business processes easier for the employees.

With the explosive spread of mobile devices, comes the growing need for these systems to be reached anywhere, anytime. If we take the development time and productivity into consideration, we could come up with a conclusion that the business logic should be implemented once, in a component functioning as a server connected to the clients running on various platforms. The REST architecture helps in developing these kind of systems.

In this work, the developed system is based on REST architecture and consists of three components. The system provides support for an URH radio rental company, handling customers, rents, transports and stock.

The first component, implementing the business logic, is the server called “Sirius”. The server component is based on Spring framework and is implemented in Java. The other two components are the clients, connected to the server through the same interface, and communicating with it with simple HTTP requests. The first client is a web interface which makes all the services provided by the server available is called “Po”. This component is based on HTML and JavaScript and is using the AngularJS framework. The second client is a mobile application called “Mirzam”. It runs on the Android operating system and like the server component it is also written in Java.

This work presents the design and implementation of the components mentioned above including the brief introduction of the technologies used, testing possibilities and introduction of the environment running these components. The last chapters also mention a few possibilities for future improvements.


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