Implementing a Business Management Software for Small Businesses

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

With the evolvement of the information technology the need for a comprehensive system was soon discovered. A system that is capable of making the business processes easier, and thus helping the company achieving a leeway compared to rival companies by making the business processes well organized, transparent and also by enabling information flow within the company. As a result of this ERP systems emerged, which were able to make the aforementioned vision real. The target of these applications is the enterprise sector, although the need is also present for a solution that is suitable for smaller enterprises, because there is a time in every companies' life when a simple checkered book or an Excel sheet is no longer sufficient, hence the idea of an ERP like software suite but for small and midsize companies emerged. Of course these software solutions are less complex than their big brothers, but are capable of fully supporting all business processes for smaller enterprises. The solution implemented in this diploma covers the main processes of a small enterprise working in the service serctor, starting from the essential business data recording and maintenance, going through purchasing and selling - which in current case equals providing service - creating and filing business documents all the way to tasks related to service maintenance and support.


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