Integration of an enterprise information system on Microsoft BizTalk platform

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The aim of my Thesis was to get familiar with the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) concept and numerous relevant techniques and software products. In the center of my work is Microsoft’s ESB implementation, Microsoft BizTalk Server.

In this document I describe – besides SOA and ESB – the techniques involved in my project, like: XML, SOAP, XSD, WSDL, WCF. The ESB products of IBM, MuleSoft and Oracle are also briefly introduced. Microsoft BizTalk Server is described in detail. I provide an overview of the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System, the CMIS standard and Microsoft Message Queuing.

My development task – which is also presented in detail – was implementing an integration using Microsoft BizTalk Server. In this integration, a Windows Forms client application sends messages to the BizTalk system, which places these messages in a message queue (MSMQ). The BizTalk application is responsible for removing the messages from the message queue, and processing their content. During processing, the file content of a message is uploaded to the Alfresco content management system, the other contents are inserted into a database in Microsoft SQL Server.

My development task included designing and creating the database, implementing a library that helps to access certain functions of the Alfresco content management system, developing a BizTalk application that implements the business logic and creating a .NET client application that provides the graphical user interface for the system.

Finally, I mention the methods and the results of testing the system, I present the basic security solutions applied and I mention some possibilities for further development.


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