Administrative software development for health preservation company

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

I have made my Thesis at a health preservation franchise. My task was to create a software that supports the necessary operations specified by the franchise. The software must give freedom to customize the application studio by studio.

In the first part of the thesis I specify the requirements from different perspectives. After the specification I designed a software the is easy to use and effectively supports reservations, managing details of guests, post training tasks and supports the studio owners in decisions.

There is a surveillance system attached to the fitness machine that can send emails based on the fitness machine's signals. I have designed a method that can fetch and process the these emails and therefore the application is able to indicate the status of the fitness machine in real time.

I have documented the specification of the application, detailed the authorization levels, modules, the functions of the modules and the information flow between modules. The database scheme is documented and I have created a couple of mockups about the user interface, and some jQuery prototypes.

After the design the implementation has taken place. In the implementation part of my thesis I demonstrate the common functions of the software such as multi-language support, multi-database support, login and authorization, filter of the input fields. After that I show the implementation process of each module individually. After the implementation I describe the software module by module where I connect the specification, design and implementation parts of my thesis.

At the end I demonstrate the testing methods I used during the implementation and show some examples of component's functional testing. The application has several possibilities to imrove which is described in the last chapter.


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