Integration of a new identification system in a logistics management system

OData support
Kövi András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This document is a degree document, which contains a model based plan about integrating a new identification subsystem into a registry software made for the forwarding-agents in the air transportation. In part of the document, we will examine the functions of the original system and also the different ways of the implementation method. Model based plans contain the realisation of the new subsystem, which functions and methods are also included. We will also discuss the stumbling-blocks and difficulties during the implementation phase and the solutions of them too. Because of our system is being used in the air shipping, so than we will examine the different identification systems which could be used in this special environment, especially the barcode based systems, because this will be the chosen technology for our subsystem. The new function could provide a faster, easier to use and safer operations, and on the top of that this is the minimum requirement of a modern, up to date system nowadays.


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