New light sources and their effect on voltage quality in an office building

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Dr. Dán András
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The subject of this degree work is the effect of the new luminous source to the voltage standard quality in an office building. I display the well known lamps, and the main type of these light source, focusing on the modern energy saving lights: compact fluorescent lamps and LED lamps.

These products could be familiar to everyone, because the manufacturer companies of the light sources and lighting equipments try to find solutions to meet customer needs; and they must comply with the EuropeanUnion’s Regulation, which is about the energy-using products.

The incandescent lamp slowly disappear from the shop shelves, 100- watt bulb has been rarely commercially already. Instead of incandescent lamps they use the new type of light sources at their home and workplaces. Many compact fluorescent lamps and LED lights are used in shopping centers, theaters and office buildings as well.

The second part of this degree work I examine the results of a measurement that we performed in a newly constucted office building. I measured and evaluated the electrical parameters, highlighted the total harmonic distortion and its effects. I have also measured light sources at the Department of Electrical Engineering Laboratory. Using these results I show that changes in the structure of a buliding consuming installation affects the power quality.


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