New Methods for Analyzing Network Neutrality

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Dr. Orosz Péter
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

These times Internet neutrality and the related scientific researches got into the

focus, mostly because of the increasing frequency of the access limitations, restrictions

introduced by various Internet Service Providers in the USA. That’s the motivation of

my thesis. In the introduction I write about its definition and about its importance.

The other main topic of my thesis is the QoS (Quality of Service) and the QoE

(Quality of Experience). Here, I start with the introduction of the definitions, then I

discuss the relationship between them. Measuring both QoS and QoE is a key

component in executing network neutrality analysis. The QoS focuses on the parameters

measurable in the network at packet level. However, it is not enough alone to determine

user satisfaction. This is where QoE comes into play that is a subjective measure of how

the user judges the quality of the service delivered through the network.

The main part of my work was to develop a method to examine the YouTube

video sharing service in terms of network neutrality. As the first step it was necessary to

implement a measurement environment, that I successfully designed and deployed.

Only the errors derived from the inaccuracies of the measurement were present in my

results. Afterwards, I continued with the measurement method that creates a relation

between QoS and QoE. Finally, I successfully validated the method in practice with

volunteer evaluators.


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