Development of new test card generation for electronic brake control modules

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Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The objective of my thesis was to work out a new concept for a train brake test system considering the old experiences, compatibility and new requirements. After that, my task was to take part in the development processes of a new Test card. Work has been done with cooperation of Knorr-Bremse Vasúti Jármű Rendszerek Hungária Kft. They provided the necessary hardware components and development tools for me.

In the first semester I was getting known with current railway test system and collected the expectations for the new system. I designed a few mechanical and electrical system designs and from these the optimal solution was selected considering the old system compatibility.

After this I have been looking after some possible internal communication interfaces and demonstrated that SPI bus will work on long conduits. In the next chapter I present the base requirements and the final system design. After that I introduce the base board which was designed during the first semester.

During the summer I had to collect the requirements of the THCM2, which is the pilot project for the new generation test cards then I cut development phases into tasks to be performed.

In the second semester I developed the analogue and the digital signal processing circuitries and where it was necessary I made simulations or measurements with breadboards. After the successful schematic review, I integrated these schematics into one file and drew the PCB called “SHIELD-A”. During the manufacturing process the next step was to prepare and develop embedded software for these modules.

At the end of my thesis I will introduce the current status of the project, the next development steps and some proposal for the future.


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