Design and implementation of the new type „Windows Store” user interface

OData support
Dr. Zainkó Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Windows 8 contains many new features for end-users as well as developers. The newly released operating system has a completely revamped user interface, which has been optimized to work on touch enabled devices. This environment has a new application model, which allows the development of new-style applications.

In my thesis, I'm developing a music player application, which has a redesigned interface, that differs from the currently available solutions. I wanted this application to be usable by everyone as a main music player application. Therefore the user interface is greatly simplified and tries to be as easy to use, as possible. Through the development of this application, I present the new guidelines and user interface elements of Windows 8.

During the development, I tried to assess and implement every feature of the operating system.

The thesis starts with the presentation of swiss typography, which had the biggest influence on the Metro Design Language, and the review of the new user interface elements. After that, it shows the steps of the planning and designing of the application. It reviews and evaluates the currently available solutions, then describes the new API and the programming libraries used during the development. After that, it shows the user interface and the internal structure of the application. At the end, it describes the steps of testing, and evaluates the results.


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