New dynamic X-ray imaging

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Dr. Szigeti Krisztián
SE Biomedical Engineering MSc

The dynamic imaging modality described in the patent of Szabolcs Osvath and Krisztian Szigeti (US 2013/0112874 A1) is a novel technology, which may enable traditional, penetration radiation (such as X-Ray) based imaging systems to provide quantitative information on the time domain behavior of the samples attenuation. The technology has a great potential in many fields, like the security check of ship cargo or the early screening of COPD, a disease which is a serious problem in the first world.

Although up to date digital X-Ray imaging systems does not to be modified on the hardware level to access the benefits of dynamic imaging, their software is yet not prepared to perform such measurements.

In the In Vivo Imaging Center of Semmelweis University I developed an ergonomic imaging software application for e2v Demoniac dental X-Ray detectors in C++ based Qt framework, which enables dynamic imaging with multiple different algorithms in a single step. This way scientists may focus on exploring the possibilities of the technology in different use cases instead of dealing with the software limitations of the current systems.


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