Performance analysis of novel routing mechanisms in OpenFlow

OData support
Dr. Sonkoly Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays it is necessary to use the correct routing protocols for the operation of the developing networks and Internet. Every routing protocol has to cope with difficulties of the networks and has to find the best solution to reach high performance.

The size of the routers’ routing table is getting bigger and bigger with the using of today’s most routing protocols. The large amount of routing entries is putting more and more burden on the router, because the management and maintenance of these entries need large computing and memory capacity. The greedy routing may be a solution for this problem, because it can greatly reduce the size of the routing table.

However, it is a difficult task nowadays to test and commission new routing algorithms on a real network, because the closed nature of the platforms. OpenFlow tries to give a solution for this problem.

In my thesis, I would like to introduce and test the greedy routing with different network topologies and devices in OpenFlow environment, in order to find out how efficiently it can solve the problem of the routing tables, and how OpenFlow can help to implement this algorithm.


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