Design and development of of a new generation trading site

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Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Today, the use of the Internet has become such a common activity that we barely realize how many things we can accomplish with it. Lately, there is almost no household in Hungary or in the developed countries where it cannot be found, therefore we can call it one of the basic tools of the 21th century.

This explosive development of technology hides a bunch of opportunities that are untapped. Because of the continuously growing number of users, community sites are the most popular. Through them, we can get in touch with old friends and keep contact. Besides this, everyday activities like shopping can also be done in a minute on a well-structured web surface.

In the beginning, web shopping did not enjoy popularity, because people worried about the security of their money. Later, when these kinds of pages became more common, people also became more and more confident to do their shopping online because of comfort.

In my thesis, I will show how to build-up an online business website that combines all the positive attributes of e-commerce web pages but tries to avoid their handicaps. The most significant innovation would be to provide consumers with the opportunity to get in touch with each other before the end of an auction. With this I will be able to filter fake users who would try their best to prevent transactions causing lots of troubles for other people.


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