Study and measurement techniques of next generation optical access networks

OData support
Kulik Ivett
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The goal in today's wired telecommunications development is to build up the optical network technology of the following decades to the homes of the customers. The reason is that dynamical growth in the needs of the users, including for the high definition TV programs provided by IPTV, but interactive applications, online video, music and multimedia content are also increasing the traffic. To get more faster, more reliable and more secure access to these services, the nationwide deployment of the optical access networks is required.

One aim of my thesis was to present the current optical access networks, especially its structure, characteristics and associated standards, which gave me a good basis to provide an overview of possible future optical access networks as well. Furthermore, I gave an account of the design and operation of possible next-generation optical access network.

The main task of my thesis was to get acquainted with existing WDM-PON optical access network components and draw up methods of measurements to test the next-generation optical network components. Since my goal was to make practical use of the methods, I reviewed the optical measuring instruments and network components in lab of Magyar Telekom. In the development of measurement methods, even in the simple examination of the parameters, the biggest challenge was to handle the measurement difficulties which arose from the complex operation of the WDM PON system. When the measurements were completed, I evaluated and presented the results.


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