Fingerprint Identification System Development in MATLAB Environment

OData support
Kertész Zsolt László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In our modern globalizing world the security of our private or corporate data is more important then ever. Creating more and more secure systems for corporates as well as for the private sector highlights the methods that the biometric identification systems can offer. Let it be a newly developed system or just modernize an older one-nowadays we all should take the biometric identification systems under consideration.

Tese systems are probably the most reliable applications, because they are based on the uniqueness and inseperation of one person identity.

The first part of my thesis, I give an overall introduce over the biometrics identification methods such as face recognition to ear recognition etc, giving a general knowledge over this area.

Int he second part of my thesis I introduce probably the most widespread identification method: the finger-based biometric idetification, more detailed and discussed.

Finally I made a program written in Matlab v7.8 based on one of the methods I’ve experienced and studied more.This program was tested on a public fingerprint database to check the qualities and abalities of the constructed program.


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