Novel controlling methods on Samsung Smart TV platform for aged people

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Bartalis István Mátyás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The substance of the thesis is about the design and development of an innovative photo viewer, photo editor and calendar visualizing Smart TV application for elderly people. That means that the single segments were selected in such a way to pique the interest of the aged ones, and the user interface and operation apply so special elements, which can conduce the usage for elderly people. Besides I used the new generation smart televisions’ gesture and voice control for the program handling.

The application makes it possible to reach two online services. We can log in with our Facebook credentials, and view our own and our friends’ photographs. In addition the application has a basic level photo editor function, with which we can promptly edit the displayed pictures, and we can upload them back to the Facebook database. The calendar display segment can synchronize with Google Calendar, and displays the calendars and calendar entries.

The Samsung Smart TVs’ fundamental developer environment is HTML and JavaScript, but Flash running is also supported. I did the implementation on Adobe Flash platform using the ActionScript 3.0 programming language, which communicates with JavaScript framework embedded in HTML environment. I will expound the different implementation steps during the elaboration, and I will present the steps, specialities, benefits and disadvantages of the integration to the two internet services. I used different ways to implement the single segments of the application. In point of Facebook I used the Software Development Kit, developed by Adobe and in case of Google Calendar I realize the implementation of the HTTP requests with own methods by the help of inbuilt ActionScript classes.

Most of the planned functionality has come true, and works well, but because of insufficient time, some planned functions were left out. In addition there are some interesting functionalities which we did not have in scope, therefore these topic may project the abundant repository of potential development directions.


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