Development of infant patient monitor

OData support
Dr. Jobbágy Ákos Andor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The environmental variables around infants who require hospital care (esp. when born prematurely) need to be controlled with pinpoint accuracy. Modern incubators

developed in the biomedical industry utilize countless sensors and actuators for just this purpose. However, biological and behavioral responses shown by the infant must not be

ignored, either. The observation of these parameters is the job of the standalone patient monitor, which records and analyses important variables like blood pressure, blood

oxygen level, ECG waveforms etc. Aside from these tasks, it may also provide constant video surveillance of the neonate in case parents or staff can only observe from afar, or

if the baby is asleep, while the incubator is covered.

The goal of my thesis was the design of a modern, user-oriented neonate patient monitor, mainly by way of software development. As a preamble, I describe the market

research I conducted, as well as the relevant standards. In the following parts, I write in broad strokes about the most important of the myriad decisions I had to make during the

development of this product.


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