Ultrasonic Distance Measurement with a Microcontroller-based Device

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis, I have designed an ultrasonic distance measuring device and a remote display unit, which can communicate with each other through radio. They can be used in a garage for assisting reversing by displaying the distance between the wall of the garage and the back of the car for the driver.

I have designed and built the hardware of both units in the previous semester in Project Laboratory subject. In the introduction, I review the conception of ultrasonic distance measuring and the related designing deliberations. The following chapter is the detailed presentation of the completed hardware. The next chapter is about the faults recognized during the assembly/testing of the devices, and their correction.

Finally, I present the operating software concerning some major points. Beside distance measuring, I have implemented some other functions, which might be useful: temperature display and a timer. I have prepared the measuring unit for manual use, so a measure can be taken by pushing a button if operated from external power supply. These data get stored in an external memory, and they can be saved to a personal computer by a simple console application created by me. I have created a menu for using the different functions. There is a detailed user guide with the specification of each point of the menu and their usage with several figures describing the functioning.


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