Design of an Ultralight Inverter for Electric Racecar

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Dr. Balázs Gergely György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The aim of my thesis is to describe the drivetrain of an electric car, with emphasis on the inverter module, and the power electronics design of the inverter of the future four-hub-motor electric racecar conception of the BME Formula Racing Team. The description of the voltage source inverter drive systems is illustrated by the drivetrain of the current two-hub-motor Formula Student racecar, developed by the department as a project within the BME Formula Racing Team. The first section is followed by the theoretical analysis of the automotive inverter modules and their control methods. The section also includes the results of my laboratory work from the previous semester, regarding inverter measurements. After that the power electronic design principals of the inverter module of the future four-hub-motor electric race car conception are described, illustrated by the Schematics, PCB Layout and 3D Model of the Gate Drive Board. In the last section, the power dissipation of the IGBT module is calculated and a suggestment regarding the cooling method is made. The result of my thesis is a power electronics module with a compatible drive board, that can be universally adjusted to control and signal processing boards, and can be used for future development projects.


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