Developing a Unity-based application for measuring visual-spatial ability on Android

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Pomázi Krisztián Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the digital world and the digital devices are very important in our everyday life. On a daily basis we see a lot of new technologies, which make our life more and more exciting. These new technologies can improve our entertainment experience and even make our job tasks a lot easier. The most interesting part of the computer world is video games, including designing, developing and implementing them.

For video games development there are a lot of techniques. The choice depends on which one of these techniques could fully satisfy our requirements, and help implementing the features efficiently.

In my thesis I will develop a unity-based Android game, which has already been implemented by unity on virtual reality technology. My task is to make it comfortable for the user to play the same game on Android phone, keeping in mind the differences between the two techniques.

The game is a 3D room, where the player must control and move some cardboards from one place to another inside the room. The purpose of the game is to measure the visual abilities of the children in the space when they play the same game on mobile phone and when they do that using virtual reality (VR) technology.


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