The reimplementation of the webpage of Universitas BUTE football championship

OData support
Kőrösi Attila
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays the computer engineering appears everywhere and this makes our daily life easier. Also at the football championship to help the organisiers' work.

The main goal of my thesis is improving the existing webpage of Villanyfényes Championship, which is organisied by a MAFC , az EHK és a BME Physical centre. Within this i had to create a web layer for the organisiers, the audience and the players, on which the informations and standing of the championship are available and followable. The existing web layer is out of date and no longer appropriate. It doesn't support several necessary funktions.

The other important goal of my thesis is to plan and implement an algorithm, which creates the timetable based on the teams' time preferences and paying attention to the different priorities.

During the execution of the project I get to know the ground of planning database, or rather the built up of the related entity modell.

An important challenge of my thesis is to plan and implement an algorithm, which creates the timetable of the championship, grounded by the different priorities and time preferences of the teams.

In the last period of implementing the application, I create a user friendly web surface for the visitors, through which they are able to achieve the supplies provided by the application and they are also able to use them.


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