Building a universal BKK application

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In 2015, Microsoft’s latest operating system, that fuses the new features of Windows 8 with the well tested and working attributes of Windows 7, has started a journey to conquer the world. The modern Windows Store applications have levelled-up as well introducing the Universal Windows Platform.

In my thesis, I’m going to plan and implement a BKK public transportation app on the new platform that will use static planned timetables as well as dynamic Futar information besides other public transportation related news. The application will use the different capabilities of the platform like the option to be able to run the app on a PC just as easily as on various mobile devices.

At the beginning, in addition to briefly introducing what the problem is and how the program tries to solve it, I mention a few key points to look out for during the implementation. Later I describe in details the history and capabilities of the new platform along with the provided services and information of BKK and other providers.

In the next section, I specify the responsibilities and the scope of the application then plan the features, limitations, user interfaces and the architecture. After a short description of the development tools and technologies that I will use in the thesis I implement the app along the previously set requirements.

Finally, I summarize my experience gained during development and suggest a few possible future improvements.


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