Universal Event Application for IOS

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The role of mobile applications in our everyday lives has significantly increased over the past years due to the rapid spread of smartphones. By using these applications we reach our friends, we make workout plans or even a daily job, like cooking. In many ways it makes our lives way much easier and brings so many shortcuts in people’s everyday work. They are both built into our private and professional life.

Apple Inc. was launched on the market in 2007 with its first iPhone, which was a revolutionary innovation compared to other phones in that area. By realizing the possibilities on the touch screen, they designed their first smartphone, which immediately gained popularity. It was really easy to use, and the other key success factor was driven by the user experience that the new features had provided. Nowadays the latest product of Apple is Xs (2018) which is even capable of face recognition and wireless charging.

With the everyday use of phones, there is a growing need for mobile applications. In general companies are one of the main customers who want to modernize or just simplify some parts of their workflow. With the presence of the Cloud service providers, we can easily access to our data from our phones anytime. Corporate employees can communicate with each other through applications, even with customers. On the other hand, more and more people are attracted by the successful mobile apps created by startups, encouraging them to make their own ideas come true. So, we often meet with customers who want to see their own ideas in a newly created application.

My thesis aims to create an application for iOS that facilitates the organization and management of any event. It could be a professional conference, a bicycle tour, or a ski camp in the mountains. Participants can follow the programs through the application, their locations, and even access to other information related to the event.

In my dissertation I describe the specificities of development for the iOS platform. I present the design and the implementation of the application, including user interface design and application architecture.


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