Development of a universal actuator tester

OData support
Dr. Sujbert László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, there are more and more expectations concerning modern automobiles. To begin with, besides continually increasing power and efficiency, producers have to decrease harmful gas emission and fuel consumption levels, due to more and more severe regulations and in order to fulfil costumer needs.

In order that these vehicles would be able to satisfy present and future expectations and their development would advance in the proper direction, a regular and detailed survey of available faulty components is needed.

This thesis is about the design and implementation of an autonomously functioning system, which is capable of performing the automated testing of actuators disposing of DC engines containing static magnetic stators, to be found on motors produced by AUDI Hungary Motor Ltd. The device is able to run various diagnostic measurements to define whether a certain actuator satisfies the specification. Furthermore, it provides assistance in analysing components and revealing faults. It also stores measuring results in a standardised form for a further use. Moreover, the system is able to interpret and utilize the signs of sensors with the ever spreading protocol SENT.

Functions of the tester are the following: it can process a hysteresis analysis on valves and the analysis results are visualized by the computer. Furthermore, it is able to move the valve in a secure and controlled way and to search for its end positions. Furhermore, it is also possible to measure opening and closing times of the valve with the help of this device. It is also suitable for the use of long-time running tests. As an autonomous device, it serves support for selection processes as well.


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