Universal switchover equipment by Eaton-Moeller devices

OData support
Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The theme of my thesis was provided by Eaton Industries Ltd. I wrote it about switchover equipments. These are essential in providing a continuous power supply for the industry. My primary task was to design a universal hardware platform that can serve as a base for switchover equipments which often occur in the industry. In the introduction I describe why it was necessary. Then I wrote the control program of a switchover equipment which provides complex service and opportunities. I made the associated visualization too. For these I had to study first the forms and operations of the existing switchover equipments. I needed to understand some definitions connecting to this theme too. For designing the hardware configuration I had to summarize the number of the expected inputs and outputs. Then I had to look into the hardware attributes of the optional modules and the method of communication between the devices. In addition, it had to know the CoDeSys based developing environment, and the visualization software called Galileo. Finally, I had to find data saving and remote controlling possibilities. I had to analyze in which ways the PLC chosen by me is able to provide these services.


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