Deseign and implemantation of universal reservation system's client

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Using smartphones getting more and more integrated or already did into our everyday way of life that increased the need of booking mobile applications due to the amount of already existing systems. That provides service providers and customers simplicity and flexibility, because of booking anytime, anywhere furthermore the recording of appointments is safe and consistent, due to the system.

My thesis work includes research on existing appointment booking systems and their user interfaces. Based on my observations I design and develop my own application that will be universal so the customers have the option to book appointments for different services (like dentist or hairdresser, etc.) using one application. To use the system user must be authorized and authenticated, by registration or via using social media accounts.

Communication with the remote server using Fetch API that uses stateless JSON objects. Short form of Application Programming Interface, that nowadays is the most common in Client-Server data transmission method because of its easy usage and transparent operation. The software developed to be cross-platform using React Native programming language that makes both Android and IOS application from JavaScript code.


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