Development of the software of an universal cable tester device for the production support of medical equipments

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In a world of increasing complexity, the complexity of solutions needed to tackle challenges also increases. Such is the case with medical imaging devices developed and manufactured by Mediso Medical Imaging Systems. Said devices consist of several subsystems which are connected by multiple cable harnesses of different type. Since these are custom made by the company, they carry an increased risk of faultiness. Manually testing these cables take a lot of time for technicians, therefore the need for automation arises.

I have developed a system based on existing measurement-endpoint hardware designed by Mediso. My system is faster and more reliable than manual testing. The system consists of distributed nodes, which accept unique adapters so that many cable types are connectable and thus measurable. A CAN bus runs between the nodes, ultimately connecting them to a central controller PC. Nodes are continually looking for incoming current on their total of 32 lines, reporting any new detection to the controller via the CAN network. Nodes drive lines with a current on demand of the central controller software.

Testing is carried out by driving all the available pins of every node-adapter in a given order, one at a time. After a cycle is completed, received reports of line activity are evaluated and checked against the ideal state of the cable harness. If there is a mismatch, a relevant error event notification will be generated and presented to the user.


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