Realization of universal laboratory instrument with digital signal processor

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Dr. Orosz György
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The purpose of this thesis is the design and development of a digital signal processor based virtual instrument which realizes several traditional and special measurement functionalities. Due to the large computational capacity of signal processors, they can be deployed with success in such applications where complex, real-time measurement tasks should be performed.

Nowadays, virtual instruments have become wide-spread both in industry and education. A virtual instrument is such a system which can realize different measurement and test functionalities on the same hardware.

In the thesis, I introduce both theoretical and practical aspects of the measurement functionalities which have been implemented in the instrument. The measurement errors are also investigated, and solutions are presented which alleviate the errors. Measurement algorithms are chosen by considering their complexity and performance, furthermore taking into account the resources of the processor.

The instrument also realizes traditional functionalities like signal generation and measurement, but more complex algorithms have been implemented like automatic transfer function measurement, impedance measurement, and digital filter design.


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