Developing of laser vision modul

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

The Laser machining centers is increasingly common its resolution and its accuracy. These Centers need it for control, and for this program need be the easiest and the fastest control, considering the personal requirements.

The modern software can control the all parameters, and this is important during for laser processing. The written program must be control the x-y moving of the work table, and the focus need to be set automatically. The all parameters of the program need to be set dynamically for the users.

The first chapter of the dissertation presents the modern laser machining centers of Hungary, and the most important attributes of the laser controlling software are at present on this sector.

After this, we present the most important attributes of the LabVIEW, the block diagram of the finished program and the complex functions. With this, we can see how to build the main program, and what are this system advantages and disadvantages.

We review the main functions of the program, and the operations of these functions on the loot of sample. The new development directions draw up from the test results.


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