Developing of an universal lasercontrol softver

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

The Electronic Technoligy Department of BME in Budapest owns an AVIA Nd:YAG laser station. This station is installed with an electrically adjustable desk. The two devices are controlled by two different type of contol cards and two different type of softwares separately. There is a LabVIEW project wich has all access for the functions of the desk. This desk is fully usable when running onn this framework. In addition, the laser also includes a previously prepared detailed program for achieving the essential functions of the laser .

The primary task was to implement external program for the control of the laser head. Processing the content of the Gerber files. Normally, 6cm x 6cm is the current drawing field size but with the movement of the table we could extern it.

The main issue is to make implemented methods in LabVIEW program with using the existing program details to make an universal working machine working with Gerber coded files.

The first task is to get familiar with the industrial standard - Gerber or G- code, and get understand with the the structure of this kind if code. The different types of apertures , the shape codes , the coordinate statements , the processing of Gerber files , the layers, the different types of aperture edge calculations, the coordinate transformations, the movement of the desk, the determination of the desks moovement was the main direction of the solution.


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