Implementation of Univerzal message handling on a basis of IBM Message Broker and Microsoft Exchange

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Today’s businness expectations are rather high against the solutions in information technology. Through the process of a system’s design we must think of future integration and reusability of a module. Observed in the 90’s, but even in nowadays, implementing with ad-hoc solutions are rather fast, but in long term they could be very costly. Integrating the programs designed in different development environments makes the whole system complex and unclear. It can lead to rewriting the already done programs, which cause additional costs.

To avoid such additional costs, a new, effective implementation of integration was made, the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). With its help, the administration of complex systems become easier, managing such systems become effective. Thus could be unexpected costs avoided in the lifetime of the firm. The core of the SOA is ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). Its beauty lies in hiding the difference between the data-representation and protocol of the applications, thus implementing the central integration.

Using this technology can be achieved, that the applications and modules written in different programming languages could run as a unified, integrated entity. As well as not only there is no need to shut down the whole system at update, nor at importing a new program module, but only the part(s) of the program, that are affected in the change.


I have made literature research, during which I have came to know SOA, as well as standards and technologies, that were necessary to the design of the infrastructure during the thesis.

I have simulated the design of a mailing system with using the ESB solution of IBM. I have used Micosoft developed Exchange as mailing system. Joint use of these were the core of my system.


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