Desing and implementation of real-time mobile event tracking application

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

This diploma shows the development of a mobile application that can be used on almost any kind of web resource to harvest custom data groups and data with the help of a universal, configurable parser module. The parser module works based on the configuration files. This data often describe a changing event or events. The application is able to monitor these changing values and to notify the user if it’s changed. This diploma shows the steps of designing, implementing and testing the application under Android development at the level of the modules.

There are also several essential background information like the evolution of mobile applications told through the evolution of mobile devices and operating systems on them. The diploma presents information about basic mobile development concepts, about the properties of the chosen environment from the developer’s and also the user’s point of view and essential basic knowledge about the chosen environment which became Android.


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