Form-based information management framework for Windows Phone

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, due to the rapid spreading of smartphones, the number of

information technology end users is exponentially growing; owners of new devices have

easy access to numerous new services. Mobile phones can easily become input devices

for information collecting applications, since they are always at hand and have great

multimedia capabilities.

Leveraging this trend, I created an open source framework, which can ease

developing any form-based application for Windows Phone platform. Services of the

framework cover all layers of an application: database- and database-access are

provided; internal components are responsible for view logic and customizable views

present the forms. The framework was designed to provide as much customization

points as possible, enabling developers to alter the behavior and the look and feel as

well. In addition, portability was always bore in mind: the core of the framework is

reusable in several other Microsoft environments.

In my thesis I start with a brief introduction of the currently available mobile

platforms, I analyze market shares, and the different services provided by vendors.

I continue with studying the build-up of general forms, I create requirements

against the framework, then I enter the planning stage by describing the modeling and

designing steps.

Next, I present some interesting implementation difficulties with my solutions.

Finally I show the usage of the developed framework using sample applications.


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