Design and implementation of a travel planning application

OData support
Dr. Németh Géza
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The process of organizing our personal travels and trips are currently supported by various IT appliances. Systems with real-time GPS (Global Positioning System) route planning functionalities are now affordable to a wide range of people. With the widespread of smart phones and tablet PCs equipped with navigation software, these services become more and more general.

There are also web based solutions available that support organizing personal trips and vacations. Using these systems one can manage their trip goals, travel and accommodation details, reserve hotels and register to events. According to the actual Web 2.0 standards the majority of these solutions offer the possibility to interact with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, so that for example people can share their experiences with their friends online through these channels.

If we extend our vision for solutions regarding enterprise travel planning, there are other factors to be considered regarding required functionalities. These applications need not only to support the work of the employees but should also be able to help the administrators coordinate and manage the planning process of the whole company. Beyond that these applications should also notify the coordinators if there are overlapping travels (for example they have the same destination at the same time) – in this case there is good chance for cost reduction if these trips can be taken into account together.

For these tasks there are existing software solutions, but as it will be discussed later, they only provide partial solutions for the requirements, and they are hardly customizable to custom needs. The objectives of this thesis are to overview the currently available solutions and evaluate them - after that the aim is to plan and implement an application that is capable to support an entire corporate travel management process. I had the opportunity to analyze an existing corporate infrastructure and their travel management process. A basic requirement of the software is to provide a user friendly interface that can be used to input data entries from the employee and to provide an interface for the staff through which they can handle their work with ease.


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