Beat detection and correction for DJ applications

OData support
Dr. Bank Balázs Lajos
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

By the evolution of computer technology the classic DJ setup consisting of turntables or CD players with mixers have been replaced by computer DJ softwares. The main reason for changing equipments is that most of the electronic music of today is released in digital audio files replacing the former vinyl or CD formats. By using DJ softwares, tempo analysis and beatmatching of songs has been automated. Moreover the music database is handled by the computer, making it much quicker and easier to find and load tracks into the virtual track decks.

DJ softwares presume a constant tempo throughout the music tracks, as they have originally been designed to handle electronic music. In according to load and mix acoustic or instrumental music with computer DJ softwares, these kinds of tracks need their tempo to be corrected.

The aim of my project was to develop a software tool that is able to analyze acoustic and instrumental recordings by finding the location of beats. Did the beat grid of the track contain any imperfections; the algorithm should correct it by time stretching procedure.

For developing the algorithm I have used the MATLAB environment, and I have implemented the program in C++.


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