Route proposer web interface for a telecommunications company business system

OData support
Baumann Ferenc
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Communication is essential essential for the history of mankind. This process has gone through a lot of change particularly with the appearance of the Internet. In today’s ever accelerating development, the exchange of information shifts more and more to this channel.

On the account of the internet’s proliferation, the number of companies that provide access to it also increased. One of these firms is Türk Telekom International Hungary Kft., which focuses mainly on services offered to wholesale customers. These services depend on the company’s own optical network, and in order to sell these products several informations need to be handed over to the soon-to-be customer. Until now, it was the job of the technical consultants to provide the data to the members of the sales department. However, to optimize this process, and to take advantage of the technological opportunities the idea arose that this could be done by an automated system, which has access to these facts.

In connection with this, the task presented in my thesis was to create the functions of the system according to the requirements of the sales team. After that I had to make the data and program plan, then I implemented a user-friendly tool based on these plans. This program shows the path of the optical cables between two given cities, and delivers all the important information about the route. Finally I tested the system functionally.


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