Creating a route and resource optimization system

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Within the scope of the diploma work, I wanted to deal with a topic, which can provide relevant results to this day and can help to solve common problems of everyday life. The task was to optimize and visualize multi-agent path finding algorithms of particular graph structures. The selection of this topic was perfectly appropriate for me, regarding the requirements I made before, as the fully optimized algorithm for the problem is still unknown to the problem and the task is easily transposable to problems, which can occur in everyday life.

Within the scope of the diploma, the reader can become familiar with the classification and complexity of used to describe certain types of decision problems and the meaning of the famous "P vs NP problem". The thesis also provides a detailed insight into the algorithms used to solve the Travelling Salesman problem, parameterization, and to customize these algorithms to suit my needs and tasks. In addition, I created a visualization framework suitable for my algorithms, which can be followed later step by step to solve the problem and to test them.

The final result of this task was to examine the optimization of the algorithms, invented by others, or modified by me, and to select the best algorithm or algorithms for the current path finding scenario.


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