Patrol supervision with mobile phones

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Today we live in the world of technology. We try to make digital solution to every possible thing, and to find the very first one means the greatest innovation. There has always been a need to monitor the activities of the employees, from the office workers to the security guards. There are several non-digital solutions to monitor work activities, however, as technology improves they will soon become digitised.

The primary objective of my thesis is to track the employees' location. This can be greatly supported by using new technologies, such as NFC reader, Wifi adapter and motion sensor which are already featured in smartphones available today.

My goal is to build a system with much emphasis on Wifi hotspots and checkpoints on fixed locations. Employees can register their location at these points via a mobile application, then they receive instructions in order to reach the next destination. Based on the registered information, evaluation can be made on the time spent on the covered distance, the completed route, and the employees' performance as well.

To further improve the application, it might be beneficial to map the completed route by the help of the available Wifi networks. Thus it would provide more precise details for monitoring purposes. Later, an administrator interface could be added for the managers to be able to check data in the system and monitor employees' work activities at any time.

In my opinion, the use of this system would assist monitoring of security guards and facilitate employee performance enhancement both in logistic centers and large enterprises.


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